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Today’s pop quiz brings together two things I deeply love: rare old languages and religious texts.

This one is a matching exercise!  Match the following languages to the religions whose sacred texts are written in them (in the original).
Note: some languages will repeat.
A) Arabic, B) Avestan, C) Babylonian Aramaic, D) Greek, E) Hebrew, F) (Old) Japanese, G) Sanskrit

Good luck!

  1. Shinto
  2. Zoroastrianism
  3. Druze
  4. Jainism
  5. Christianity
  6. Buddhism
  7. Islam
  8. Judaism
  9. Hinduism

Extra credit:  Who is this guy standing on the right?




Answers: 1. F) (Old) Japanese, 2. B) Avestan, 3. A) Arabic, 4. G) Sanskrit,
5. D) Greek (and, yes, technically, also Hebrew), 6. G) Sanskrit (among others!), 7. A) Arabic, 8. E) Hebrew and also C) Babylonian Aramaic,
G) Sanskrit

Extra credit: Thoth!  The ancient Egyptian ibis-headed scribe-god, who brought writing to humanity.  Thanks, Thoth!