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I had a nice little Monday morning surprise today: someone sent me a link to a (relatively) new project called Our Mother Tongues.  It’s a program developed through Cultural Survival, which is a wonderful organization dedicated to maintaining cultural diversity and advocating for indigenous peoples around the world.  Our Mother Tongues is a program specifically dedicated to the maintenance and revitalization of Native American languages, and not only is it a great cause, their website is really fabulous!  Eye-catching, interactive, thought-provoking…really inspirational.

In the section called “Voices“, you can hear people of all different generations speaking in their native languages by hovering your mouse over the photo of the speaker:

There’s also an interactive map of Native American language programs throughout the US, a blog about indigenous language issues, and video clips taken from a documentary featuring native speakers (and Noam Chomsky!) discussing how important it is to maintain their mother tongues.

And then there is my very favorite feature:  Native language e-postcards! (!!)  Each postcard features a short greeting spoken by a native speaker.
I love this one from Euchee: “Together we can do great things!”

I grew up in Oklahoma, the home of both Euchee and Sauk, but I didn’t know anything about endangered languages until I’d already moved far away.  I feel so lucky that I can still hear some of the languages spoken in my family’s backyard, even from such a physical, and cultural, distance.

(P.S. If anyone wants to send me one of these e-postcard, that would absolutely make my day!)