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My spring semester is officially in the home stretch; just six more days and I’ll be able to sleep again!  While I’m spending my hours squeezing my brain for just one more paragraph on these final projects, I need some good music to lift my spirits and push me past the last hurdle.

The other day I was searching for an Australian Aboriginal band called Nabarlek and I discovered their record label, called Skinnyfish Music.  I am completely in love with Skinnyfish Music.  Their driving philosophy is “to work with and provide opportunities for Indigenous artists.”  Most of the artists are from the northern part of Australia (they’re based out of Darwin), but they have also signed an artist from Timor-Leste.

Thanks to the glory of the world-wide web, I can listen to Australian indigenous music while I’m writing a paper in Washington, DC.  Skinnyfish has a channel on the same website where I host my audio files, so you can listen to sample songs from all of their artists for free!  And not only are most of the songs in indigenous languages, which as you might guess is thrilling for me, but they’re also really good.  It is genuinely great music.  I have some particular favorites, including the single from Tom E Lewis, but I could listen to all of it all day long (and have been, recently.)

Here is the number one way to brighten my sleepy, stressed-out Monday: Waltzing Matilda.  In Australian Kriol.  With ukelele.

Thank you for making me ridiculously happy, Skinnyfish (and Ms. Mills).