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Happy Friday everyone!

I have two quick announcements I wanted to share with you.  The first is that my regular Friday’s Featured Language is going to be a bit, er, irregular, for a little while.  I’m cooking up a special little project that I hope you’ll really like, so in the mean time I might not have speakers weekly.  But I’m excited about what I’m working on!

My other announcement, and I am super, super excited about this, is that I am going to be a guest blogger for the Living Tongues Institute this summer!!  This is an institute started by my two linguist heroes, who do incredible work documenting endangered languages and equipping and training indigenous language activists to do language preservation work.  I’m so excited about the opportunity to get to participate in their work in my own small way.  I’ll let you know when my post goes up; in the mean time, please check out their blog, written by the amazing Anna Luisa, to read more about what Living Tongues is up to!