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Holy cow!  The worst “common cold” in the history of time knocked me out for the past week.  When I finally was able to drag myself from bed and turn on my computer, I had e-mails from a dozen friends and acquaintances that all said something to the effect of “Have you seen this??”

The “this” they’re referring to is a new website called the Endangered Languages Project.  The project was launched by Google, and since they announced the launch last week on their blog, the story has been picked up by Time, CNN, the Economist, and countless other large and local publications.  Holy smokes, that’s a lot of media attention for this issue!

You really should check out the website.  Obviously the media attention is great, as so many people are simply uninformed about the crisis of language loss.  But even beyond that, the website is informative, collaborative, and thorough, with plenty of room for playing and exploring (if you’re just curious) and even more room for adding and improving (if you’re an expert).

The site was developed through collaboration of members of the Alliance for Linguistic Diversity, which includes the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages, whose work on Koro is featured on the front page.  To see a list of members of the Alliance and the Advisory Committee you can scroll down about halfway on the site’s About page.  It’s a really impressive and inspirational team they’ve put together.

Check it out!