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On this lazy (and scorching hot) Friday, I’ve been in the mood for the magical, meditative sounds of what is sometimes called “desert blues” – that strange, gorgeous, Sahara-nomads-with-electric-guitars music that was first made famous by a band called Tinariwen.

Tinariwen are Tuareg musicians, and as such sing primarily in a Berber language known as Tamasheq (or just Tuareg).  Berber languages are classified as Afro-Asiatic, just like Arabic, so if you think you hear a little similarity you might just be right.  It might also explain why I find these words so enchanting.

NPR recently featured Tinariwen on one of their Tiny Desk Concerts, playing a quieter acoustic set.  Please enjoy these twenty minutes of polyglossic Friday hypnosis.


P.S. I featured another desert blues-y band, Toumast, in my Polyglossic Playlist.  If you enjoy this music, check them out too!