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Unlike most adults I know, I have never grown out of the excitement of birthdays.  I love my birthday!  So I’m not ashamed of the using this blog to announce:


There is one gift I would really, really love for my birthday – and that is more speakers for my Friday’s Featured Language!  That is my birthday wish, so if any of you speak a language that hasn’t been featured before, or know someone who does, you’d make me a very happy birthday girl if you would get in touch with me at polyglossic [at] gmail dot com.

My extra-special fingers-crossed wish is for a speaker of an Australian language; I kind of have a soft spot for Australia but I’ve never gotten to visit, and I’d be thrilled to hear one of the native languages.  But of course, I love all languages, and want to hear from speakers of all of them!

Thank you, and have a nice weekend!