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This blog won’t be getting any updates for a few days, because this blogger is going on vacation!  Eighteen hours from now I’ll be sitting in a plane somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean!

I’m spending this coming weekend at the Beautiful Days Festival in lovely rural southwestern England!  My husband and I went a few years ago and have been wanting to get back very badly, and since this is the festival’s 10th anniversary (and the 100th birthday of Woodie Guthrie) we figured it was time to trek back out there.

If you’ve never been to an English music festival, you might be thinking to yourself, “But doesn’t it rain all the time there?”  To which I would answer, “yes, yes it does”

This year I am hopefully better prepared both mentally and materially for the stunning amount of mud that several days of rain and hundreds of dancing people can create.  But besides the mud, there’s the music, and the dancing, and the lovely people, and the English festival food.  It’ll totally be worth it!

And then we’ll spend a couple of days in lovely London, where I plan to spend several hours worshipping ancient inscriptions at the British Museum.

My brand-spanking newly renewed passport got to me a few weeks ago, my raincoat is ready to go, and it’s been far too long since I’ve taken some time off.  I can’t wait.

Au revoir, до встречи, and مع السلامة!