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The fact that this Monday inspiration did not appear until Tuesday should give you an idea of the Monday I was having.  First day of classes, and everything that could have gone wrong technology-wise did go wrong.

Everything finally seems to be working now, and this morning I found a video that my professor had posted for our first Pscyholinguistics class.  I had heard of the “Wug test” before, but never knew anything about its creator, a psycholinguist by the name of Jean Berko Gleason.


My goodness, if I study hard, do I get to be friends with this lady??  Talk about inspirational!


Isn’t it amazing the difference a person makes? Much in the same way that Neil DeGrasse Tyson makes me, a very non-hard-science-y person, fascinated with astronomy, Professor Gleason is getting me fired up for a subject I never really thought too much about.  She needs her own TV show.  She could be the Bill Nye the Science Guy of psycholinguistics.