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In my last post I told you about how I got to spend my Saturday visiting embassies open all around DC, part of the Around the World Embassy Tour.  I said that the seven countries whose embassies I visited represented over 800 living languages total.  How much do you know about the languages of those countries?  Take today’s Pop Quiz to find out!

As a reminder, the embassies I visited were: Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Mozambique, Peru, the Philippines, and South Africa.


  1. Portuguese is the official language of two of the countries.  Which two?
  2. Quechua and Aymara are indigenous languages spoken in which two countries?
  3. Ibanag, Cebuano, Spanish, and English are among the 181 languages spoken in this country.  Which one?
  4. Bantu languages are spoken in which two countries?
  5. These two countries each boast over 200 living languages.  Which two?
  6. What is the most widely spoken language in the country whose artists created these? (Looking back at my last post will help a little here!)Embassy Day ducks

BONUS: I ran out of time before I could visit the embassy representing the country with the most living languages represented.  Which country’s embassy would that be? (Hint: the embassy of Papua New Guinea did not participate in this year’s tour.)



  1. Brazil and Mozambique
  2. Bolivia and Peru
  3. The Philippines
  4. Mozambique and South Africa
  5. Australia and Brazil
  6. Tagalog

BONUS: Next year I will be sure to visit the embassy of Indonesia, which represents speakers of over 700 different living languages.


How did you do?  Was there anything you were surprised to learn?  Which country’s embassy would you most want to visit if you could?


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